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Brought my daughter in on thursday and there credit card machine was down and didnt have any cash on me but the lady was nice enough to let us jump for free, cant say nive enough things about this place, also the didnt know it was her 2nd birthday, thanks again!

Tyler Monson

We absolutely have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the new owners of the now Granite City Jump for making Lyman's 3rd Birthday an absolute treat!!! We had a BLAST!!!! Could not give more props to them for treating us like SHARK Kings & Queens!!! I encourage EVERYONE to take your next birthday party to Granite City Jump!!!

Chelsea Hartmann

The kiddos had a blast, jumped for hours, slept really well afterwards. #parentwin The new owners stepped up and took care of the party reservations we had made prior to their purchase of the business.

My daughter told me matter of factly, "I want to go back. It was spectacular fun and we have to go back and see the nice lady again." She even gave the owner a hug when we left.

I'll support a family business that supports families

Megan Swanson

Thank you granite city jump For hosting my nine-year-old's birthday party kids had a very fun time staff was wonderful very helpful and friendly the place was clean I will be going back with my family - thank you from the Alvarez family

Felicia G-alvarez

My kids love this place and the new owner are AMAZING, they even gave each of the kids a balloon they were making for a different birthday party.

Meghan Woods Lehrer